Traveling To the United States And What To Expect

Have you ever wondered what to do when you plan for a trip in the United States? Below are a few reasons that will convince you that this place is worth your adventure.


The United States especially New York City, L.A., Chicago, Boston boasts of people from all over the world either visiting or living here. Ethnicity and racial diversity is evident among the people each boasting of their own cultural background, religions, political, social and economic beliefs. All these factors make the country what it is and are worth witnessing.

Cities and attractions

You can never run out of attractions to explore in the United States both known and unknown. Far from the cities are less known towns, shops, restaurants and sites where you can visit. You can also visit the major towns and cities as well as museums. There are more than 30,000 museums in the United States as per government records. The museums are spread out within the country offering the visitors historic monuments, art exhibition and memorial sites. Learn all about the rich history of the people and the country as a whole. There are other attractions that focus on modern innovations as well as the future of the country.

Food and Delicacies

Owing to the extensive culture of the people living the United States, the food here is as diverse. There are restaurants offering both American delicacies for example macaroni cheese. Other restaurants also offer Mexican food while others offer Italian foods. You get to enjoy a variety of dishes from different countries in one place.

Sights and views

Mother Nature is at its best in America making sure you get nothing but the best from it. Beaches, deserts, hills and mountain ranges are all found here. Beautiful sunsets, lush green vegetation and non-polluted clear waters worth a picture are also found in these country. You will be left with nothing but beautiful memories and most certainly, you will want to visit again.

The United States offers tourists lifelong memories once they visit or rather travel here. The modern way of life, shops where you can get souvenirs and a dynamic culture will make tourists will definitely love the place. If you are planning to travel, the United States is definitely a place you will want to go to.


Our Top-Rated Attractions We Liked in Los Angeles


When I drove one time from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California I didn’t know that there were so many places to visit. Many friends told me about L.A., but I never knew there were so many good spots all around California that were so much fun to go to.

For most, Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood. However, this city in Southern California extends much beyond it. A culturally diverse city, it showcases all of the best of nature to outstanding museums, lip-smacking cuisine, incredible shopping and much more. We showcase some of the top attractions of this perfect gateway city. Stay hooked:

Hollywood Walk of Fame

A destination by itself, Hollywood has its own distinctive iconic sites to visit. One such site is Hollywood Walk of Fame which runs next to Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. During your walk, you will encounter the historic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, the legendary TLC Chinese Theater, Academy Awards and so much more. Any Hollywood buff cannot escape on the experience.

Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory

Free to the public, it is another hallmark destination of Los Angeles. Housing the world’s most advanced projector; you will be lost in the cosmic world. You can enjoy viewing the moon and the planets through the Zeiss telescope. Its other exhibits will take you to an entirely different world.

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Do not confuse this museum with Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. You will be completely blown away by the surreal assemblage of curiosities. Right from impossibly tiny sculptures to a scientific miracle of a bat flying through the wall; you will have a hard time distinguishing fact and fiction.

Disneyland Resort

The ultimate fantasy of both adults and children, you cannot skip on this destination especially if you have a family in tow. A host of thrilling rides, encounter with Disney characters every step of the way, shopping hubs, restaurants, hotels etc- the resort has it all! There is something for just about everybody.

Santa Monica

You can enjoy this unique 3.5-mile stretch of sand in many ways. A chic yet laid-back place, it boasts of an amazing mix of crowd from surfers to yoga devotees to upscale techies and business addicted buffs. You can shop from anything quirky to top-labels. Sunbathing, swimming, people watching, playing volleyball etc are just some of the activities you can enjoy here. It is the perfect place if you are looking to unwind yourself.

Jumbo’s Clown Room

Unleash your raucous side in Jumbo’s Clown Room. Popular as a bikini bar; its major highlight is its nightly stage shows by talented dancers and contortionists. You can enjoy the performers singing metal, rock, retro and anything that takes their fancy. Pictures are not allowed here and tips are a norm here.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Informally known as COLA, this cathedral stands apart from all cathedrals of the world. Designed by Spanish architect, Rafael Moneo and spanning over 58,000-square-foot of an area; it was open to public only in 2002. If you are expecting classic aesthetics; you will be taken aback by its modern vibe which manages to successfully exude the city’s history and diverse culture as well as its iconic sunlight. The cathedral and its garden areas trigger a never experienced feeling inside you.

There are plenty of other attractions in Los Angeles. No matter what your preference is, you are bound to find something here.

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Best travel destinations in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a large, active, energetic and splendid destination. It is home to Emperor’s Palace and the seat of Government and Parliament. This populated city in East-Central Honshu has many things to explore. Tokyo is rich in design and infrastructure. It is considered as world’s most expensive city to live, but people can move around through rail and subway networks easily. Tokyo is famous for its museums, festivals, theaters, sports clubs, and internal cuisine. It is also rich in entertainment including music, dramas, orchestras, and concerts. Let’s dig into the top tourist attractions in Tokyo.

  1. The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor and the Royal family of Japan. In the past, it was home to some important figures of Japan, like Emperor Meiji and the rulers during the Edo Period. The palace has a significant importance in society, so it is hard to get there. To visit the palace, you have to submit your application in advance. East Higashi-Gyoen gardens of imperial palace are worth seeing and perfect for relaxing. The best month to visit the gardens is April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

  1. Ginza

Ginza is an old shopping area same as Time Square in New York. It is a commercial hub and, a point where roads from five major cities of Japan connect. There are many shops, palatial stores. You can have a cup of tea or coffee from its many tea and coffee shops. If you are a foodie, you’ll probably end up in the Three-star Ginza Kojyu. At weekends, the traffic is barred, and a flood of pedestrians can be seen. There are also two theatres in this area namely, Kabuki-za Theatre and Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre.

  1. Sensoji Temple

Sensoji temple is the city’s most famous shrine located in the Asakusa district. It is at the end of Nakamise-dori, the street, where different products are sold in shops. The temple was built in AD 645. This oldest religious site in Tokyo sees about 30 million annual visitors. The temple is dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist God, the God of mercy and happiness. Many Buddhists and believers visit this shrine believing that Kannon will heal their sorrows. Highlights include the Kaminari-mon Gate, and temple doves.

  1. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo national museum houses Japanese, Chinese and Indian artwork. There are 116,000 pieces of art and artifacts including 100 national treasures. The museum was opened in 1938. Museum highlights include Buddhist sculptures, old textiles, military equipment, historical weapons, Asian ceramics and pottery, historical Japanese clothing. Japanese paintings, splendid lacquer-work of Japanese and Chinese are also important artworks.

  1. Tokyo Tower

Paris has Eiffel Tower, Tokyo has Tokyo Tower. It was built in 1958 and is the second tallest structure (1,092 feet) in Japan. It is painted in white and bright orange color. The main purpose of the tower is communication and broadcasting supporting 62 miles of frequencies. But you can visit two observations decks (at 490 feet, at 819 feet), from where spectacular views of the city can be seen especially at night when tower lights up in different colors.