Gratitude and Thank You

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Some may say it's been a rough one - three surgeries and a bumpy time getting a home built to live in - but this amazingly blessed Bed and Breakfast has been born from the process. The following is a list of the many people and companies who are to be thanked for their incredible generosity in making my dream become a reality. Some gave furniture, some pulled weeds, some visited while I was in the hospital - all gave love and showed support. To you all I am eternally grateful! Thank you!


Alcora Marble

Alcantara Vineyards

Alice Culin

Andrea and Nelson Tintle

Anne Wakefield-Bittick

Audra and Kent Backus

Belle and Bill Nussbaum

Bernie and Patty Silver

Bobbie and Harvey Stearn

Brian Echols and Mingus Electric 

Bruce Hackett and Mike Steward Plumbing

Central Foundations Inc

Charlene Zack

Chris Bull

Chris Peterson and Family

Christa and Nic Brunoni

Cliff Miller

Cloud 9 and Rose

Coombs Countertops

Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce

The Cottonwood Hotel

The Cottonwood Journal

Cottonwood Planning and Zoning

Cottonwood Tree Service and Will

Crema Cafe 

Daniel Ray Sylvester

Dan Weber

Diana McDanal

Diane and Marty Dustin

Diego Gonzales

Donovan and Debra Stevens

Dottie Webster and Family

Earl, Daniel, Mike and Mark from L'Auberge of Sedona

Eden Raoult and Kyle

Foxworth and Galbraith

Frank Pereira

Geoff Ball & GB Design and Architecture

George Bristow

Grace Conway

Helen and Ray

Hog Wild

Jan (pronounced Yan!)

Jane Winiecki

Jeffrey Herbig - the Old Town Gardener

Joan and Lou Bourque 

Joe Aragona and Design on a Dime Furniture

John Livingston

Joseph Imler

Josh and Jutta Baker

Judy and Mark Sander

Julia Hudson

Kudos and Michelle Borgwardt

Kyanne and Evan Livingston

Laura Simenson and Joe Schroeder

Lenore Culin

The Life Vessel

Lisa Terry

The Little Store of Uniquities

Lumbermens of Cottonwood and Sedona - especially Bryan, Mark Runyun, Bob and Kurt

Luminous One


Mary Mulcahy and Roger Burbridg

Mary Lou and Frank Reed

Marilyn and Peter Bernhardt

Merry Witty


Nancy Barkley

Natasha Sheenan

Nimueh Rephael

Noel Fray

Old Town Associtaion

Orion Bakery

Pamela Chase

Pat and Lee Worthen

Patrick Corrigan

Paul and Joan Prefontaine

Peter Culin

Pettijohn Mechanical Inc

Ray and Janis Culin

Ray (of Old Town)

Red Rock Skydiving

Rennie and Tom, greeters at VVMC

Ross Collins


The Sanctuary

Shari Morrison

SilverLinings: Bill and Phil and Bela

Stacy, my nurse

Taulere and Arrone Appel

Tina's Draperies

Tomatoe Eddie

The Verde Independent

Vicki Bosjolie and Jeff Carlson

Wendy Culin